About the Institute

The purpose of the Institute
Providing scientific basis and publication of the scientific articles about the results in fundamental and applied research of self-regulation, including neurophysiology, psychology and sociology.

The mission of the Institute is to form the scientific basis in the study of the connection between the consciousness of a person and his/her results in different life areas.

Creation of an automated training tool for self-regulation named the “Master Kit”, has encouraged us to study and give scientific explanation of the processes in the moments of one’s self-regulation on physical and mental levels. We are interested in integrated study of self-regulation process.

This approach provides the opportunity to receive not only fundamental, but also applicative results. We will be able to understand how people can approve their living standards and their personal effectiveness in different life areas by practicing self-regulation.

The objectives of the applied research
  1. Generation of the scientific aspects of the “Master Kit” use in order to unify the partners of the company and other people concerned in scientific communication.
  2. Organization of a scientific-methodological and a theory-methodological infosphere of the “Super Ego” company.
  3. The scientific background of the “Master Kit” technique by Darya Trutneva
  4. Organization of the unified scientific communication of the “Super Ego” company in order to create supportive environment for the development of the international scientific and communication platforms, development of scientific research of self-regulation, and for creation of the modern technologies improving our life.
The objectives of the fundamental research
  1. Sociology: analysis of modern people’s living standards, analysis of their stress level and life satisfaction; study of the opportunities degree of people to raise their effectiveness by themselves and to work with their stress.
  2. Neurophysiology: study of the connection between psychic and physiology of a person, formation of synaptic connections.
  3. Psychology: study of psychological self-regulation, social mindsets, long-term memory, unconscious processes, psychological protection, reduction of anxiety.
  1. The monograph “Study of psychological, socio-demographic and neurophysiologic peculiarities of the users of the “Master Kit” as an example of the automated training tool for psychological self-regulation.”
  2. Research of The Centre of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis led by the candidate of psychological sciences – A.A.Timoshkina.