Статьи Д. Трутневой

Influence of psychological self-adjustment method on the depression level dynamics


The article discusses theoretical aspects of the concept of depression, its types and main symptoms. Identification of this condition connection with other psychological phenomena and its in-depth study contribute to solution of a number of issues related to its structure and methods of prevention. The purpose of this paper is to study the influence of the author’s method of psychological self-adjustment on the user depression level dynamics. The empirical study imply that the developed method has a positive effect on the personality, helping to reduce the level of depression. The study results will make it possible to evaluate potential of the method and consider its efficiency, as well as develop recommendations to improve its application procedure.


depression; psychological disorder; melancholia; dysthymia; cyclothymia; Master Kit.

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Трутнева Дарья Романовна

Психолог, основатель Научно-исследовательского института саморегуляции, автор методики саморегуляции Master Kit, учредитель компании Super Ego, главный редактор журнала “Саморегуляция”, президент Общественной некоммерческой организации "Ассоциация сторонн