Study of the Dynamics of Users’ Psychophysiological Reactions in the Master Kit

Modern life is accompanied by a fast rhythm, so it is almost impossible to avoid situations that contribute to emotional tension. In case of constant and repeated exposure to stress factors, negative emotional states can become chronic and affect the somatic (physiological) level. The mobilization of energy and the body’s structural resources are required to restore and maintain the optimal emotional background.

According to the Cannon–Bard thalamic theory, physiological changes arise almost simultaneously with emotional feelings. Physiological mechanisms of emotions are directly related to the vegetative functions of the body.

The practical impossibility of conscious control over the reactions of the autonomic nervous system and the close connection of these reactions with a person’s emotional experiences allow for the hardware registration of psychophysiological changes in the process of psychological self-regulation.

Studies have proven that emotional stress is not merely a psychological process, and the functional purpose of emotions is not limited to diverse influences at the level of subjective reflection. According to R. Descartes, “the main action of all human appetites is that they induce and tune the soul of a person to desire what these appetites prepare his or her body for.”

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Гайсина Регина Ривалевна

Психолог, специалист - полиграфолог