Psychological properties of the Master Kit software product users

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the development of computer technology in the field of psychology and psychological assistance tools. The Master Kit software, an automated training tool for psychological self-regulation, is an example of such technique in the Russian-speaking space. The study of users’ psychological characteristics is an important issue affecting the mechanism of action of the training tool on the one hand and demonstrating the unique characteristics of users as a special group of persons on the other.

The creation of a comprehensive understanding of individual characterological features, the typology of subjective self-regulation, and the experienced mental states of software users could predetermine the psychological image of the person using this software. This would further serve not only to find ways to improve the efficiency of the product but also to analyze the effectiveness of a tool’s self-regulation in relation to the typological characteristics of the person; in other words, this will help create a more flexible and adaptive tool. It is also important that such psychological portrait can contribute to the assessment of the potential software user.

The basic objective of this study was to study the psychological characteristics of software users. We formulated a hypothesis that the Master Kit software users have a special set of individual psychological characteristics characterizing them as a unique population group. To do this, 316 people were recruited as a sample. Criteria for inclusion in the study group:

  1. Software users aged 20–55 years.
  2. Absence of mental and cognitive dysfunctions.
  3. Active use of the software product (at least five times per month) throughout the study.
  4. Period of use not less than three months. 

You can download the research data:


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