Analysis of the States Experienced by Users during Transformations in the Master Kit Program

Abstract. The article deals with the semantic spaces of mental states in the process of mental activity. Changes in the semantic spaces of mental states after study in the Master Kit program are established. The results show that the study period itself has a functional structure and is expressed in transition states with different semantic kernels.

Keywords. Semantic spaces, mental states, semantic kernel, characterological features of experienced states, orientation and relevance of feelings.

The construction of subjective semantic spaces as a method of research and as a model for representing categorical structures is widespread in the fields of memory psychology (semantic models of long-term memory), the psychology of thinking, and decision theory. The study of subjective semantic spaces refers to the research of what L.S. Vygotsky called the "internal or semantic structure of consciousness"

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Тимиргалеев Артур Рамилевич

консультант по теории психологии и научной психологии, сотрудник Научно-исследовательского института изучения возможностей саморегуляции