The transformation of the person's social and personal mindsets by means of Master Kit

Abstract. This article deals with new technologies and their application in the field of the transformation of social and personal mindsets to achieve individual and group goals.

Keywords. Mindsets, goal changing, mental states, training tools, transformation, self-regulation.

There is a need for better access to psychological aid, but a number of significant reasons, such as the high price, the remoteness of the therapist, the emotional discomfort on the part of the client, and the existing distrust of psychological aid, prevent it.

With the development of computer technology in medicine, there was a revolution in psychotherapy, and tools for additional help were developed for both the psychotherapist and the client. The first robot psychologist was created in 1966 — the bot "Eliza" (ELIZA), a computer program that parodied a dialogue with a psychotherapist, implementing the technique of active listening. In the past five years, there has been a significant increase in the development of automatic technologies to improve psychological well-being, achieve goals, and develop cognitive skills.

The Master Kit training tool is a modern program for psychological assistance developed by D. Trutneva, which is based on the idea of transforming the existing negative mindsets in people into new, favorable mindsets that contribute to the achievement of the necessary goal. The technique is a set of computer automated algorithms implemented in the form of a multimedia training tools that allows clients to work on their own internal state independently.

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Трутнева Дарья Романовна

Психолог, основатель Научно-исследовательского института саморегуляции, автор методики саморегуляции Master Kit, учредитель компании Super Ego, главный редактор журнала “Саморегуляция”, президент Общественной некоммерческой организации "Ассоциация сторонн