Change of Psychological Features of Master Kit Users depending on Quantity of Trainings

Abstract. This research presents the results of studying the psychological features of the Master Kit technique users. Experienced users (over 1 year), as well as newcomers, who were given free access to the technique, were represented in the sample. The observation of newcomers took place over 12 months. During the research, newcomers spontaneously divided into subgroups of active and inactive users, which allowed us to consider the immediate effect of the simulator’s use more targetedly. The results of the research show that as the technique was used, the newcomers showed positive changes on the scales associated with stress resistance. There was a correlation between the quantity of transformations and psychological changes in the technique’s users.

Keywords: Self-regulation, automated technique, stress resistance, the Master Kit, anxiety, mindset, psychological features

Introduction. The development of the field connected with computerized programs that include tools for self-regulation and psychotherapy is of particular importance in psychology. Such technologies now have a sufficient set of tools to provide for the high-quality conducting of randomized and controlled research to assess a person’s mental state, and the number of such studies is growing.

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Трутнева Дарья Романовна

Психолог, основатель Научно-исследовательского института саморегуляции, автор методики саморегуляции Master Kit, учредитель компании Super Ego, главный редактор журнала “Саморегуляция”, президент Общественной некоммерческой организации "Ассоциация сторонн