The study of the Master Kit automated training tool, as a tool for self-regulation

Abstract: This study presents experimental psychological data about the psychic properties and personal qualities that a person develops in the process of using the on-line program Master Kit. The study was conducted for participants who completed three stages of sampling: a questionnaire to determine the level of anxiety, clinical interviewing with a psychiatrist and training in the on-line program "Master Kit". At the third stage, the participants were divided into 2 groups: the supervised and control group, which did not participate in the training. The results of statistical data processing proved that after using the modern online program of psychological self-control, respondents of the experimental group have significantly lower indices of depression and cognitive-affective manifestations than in the respondents of the control group.

Keywords: psychological self-help, experimental psychological data, cognitive constructs, longitudinal study, depressive symptoms, cognitive-affective manifestations


The increasing occurrence of emotional disorders has become a socially significant phenomenon in modern society, but this problem is difficult to ignore and delegate exclusively to medical and psychological care workers. There is a high degree of stress caused by the spontaneous information flow, the growing influence of the Internet, economic instability, increasing intensity of work and life pressure associated with severe social demands for an individual to achieve high results and success.

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Тимошкина Алина Алексеевна

клинический психолог, кандидат психологических наук, сертифицированный практикующий и обучающий психоаналитик