Open Day Conference 2019

On May 11, a conference on “Self-regulation. Human capabilities. Open Day guests will hear speeches by prominent scientists and will be able to take a fresh look at their capabilities.

Below you will find information about the speakers of the conference and the topics of the stated speeches.

Azarova Alina Andreevna

Russian political scientist and world-class specialist in the field of demography. Candidate of Political Sciences, Doctor of Political Science, PhD. One of the most quoted Russian demographers, has repeatedly been published in the world's most prestigious medical scientific journal Lancet.

Since 2015 - Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, Head of the Analytical Group at the Faculty of Sociology. As a guest lecturer, she lectured at the Central European University and the Higher School of Economics. Author of more than 20 scientific articles on the problems of modern Russian and post-Soviet politics and demography.

In her speech, Alina Azarova will talk about the pressing health problems of the population in the UK, the USA and the world. Guests of the event will learn what modern methods of self-regulation can make a breakthrough in the field of health care.

Altynbekov Sagat Abylkairovich

Doctor, doctor of medical sciences, professor of the Higher Attestation Commission, prorector of the Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov. For 17 years he had been the chief psychiatrist of Kazakhstan. President of the Association of Specialists Working in the Field of Mental Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ROO “ASRSPZ”), Director of the RSE on REU “Republican Scientific and Practical Centre for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Addiction Medicine” of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MHSD RK).

Sagat Altynbekov will tell at the conference about various aspects of psychological health and methods of psychological self-regulation. More information about his speech will appear later.

Gaysina Regina Rivalevna

A practicing psychologist and polygraph examiner, Regina Gaysina will represent the Research Institute of Self-Regulation. She will talk about the principles on which the work of the research institutes is based, how the topics for studies are selected, what study is being conducted at the moment.

Regina Gaysina will acquaint guests with the findings of the recently completed study. Within its framework, the physiological reactions of users of one of the tools of self-regulation in the process of its application were studied. The presentation will be interesting, including for young scientists either who wish to conduct their research with the support of the Research Institute of Self-Regulation.

Michael Nobel

The special guest of the conference is Michael Nobel, Doctor of Psychology and Pedagogy, who will speak on the importance and prospects of self- regulation in the modern world.

We also await confirmation from several other speakers.

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Address of the conference: Concert Hall "Crocus City Hall" Moscow region, Krasnogorsk, International str., 20