Master Kit and neurophysiology

Independent study of the Master Kit technique

The author of the study is Anatoly Kanunov - a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, KNRTU-KAI, an active expert, a certified specialist in various fields: sports massage, nutrition, endocrinology, applied kinesiology and others. Anatoly conducted an independent study of the Master Kit. The full text of the study will be available on the website of the Research Institute. What is this research about?

Anatoly's article begins with the disclosure of the purpose of the Master Kit — obtaining the desired and resolving the huge number of problems that people experience in everyday life. Indeed, the Master Kit philosophy is designed to help people cope with their mindsets, fears, offences, and easily achieve their goals. You can learn about the results of users of the technique on Instagram account @masterkit_results.

To understand the neurophysiological substantiation of the technique, it is necessary to know and understand the essence of some scientific terms: neuron, axon and inter-neuronal connections. We wrote about all these terms earlier; you can read on our Instagram account @nii_superego.

In order to make a decision, a person constantly receives and processes signals that come to us from the outside world. In a state of temporary rest and with active intellectual work, synaptic connections are formed daily between neurons and collapse. This ongoing process is at the core of memory and thinking. It does not stop until the person die, although it may vary within small limits, depending on the volume of blood passing through the brain. If the brain is actively working, then the blood circulation increases, and the energy surplus is sent to support the activity and the emergence of new processes of neurons. With prolonged active work of the brain, real physiological changes can occur. Then, instead of 2-3 synapses, 4-5 can be formed, which incredibly expands the capabilities of the brain. You can read about this in the book by Saveliev S.V. “Poverty of the Brain”.

As a result of this analysis, the author of a neurophysiological study suggests that when using the Master Kit at the time of the “Conscious Goal” and a clear view of achieving the desired result, intraneuronal connections are formed that contribute to a clearer view of the picture of your desires and the ability to devote the main amount of time to this issue . The main thing is that when forming a huge number of connections between neurons, a person finds the tools to achieve the desired goal much faster in a minimum amount of time, which up to this point seemed unattainable.