Publication the magazine "Self-regulation"

The Research Institute publishes the "Self-regulation" magazine, with the support of the international company Super Ego, which is developing a business in the field of technologies that improve the quality of human life.

The "Self-regulation" magazine is intended for the publication of scientific articles on fundamental and applied research in the field of self-regulation, including aspects of psychology, sociology and neurophysiology.

The tasks of the "Self-regulation" magazine:

  • implementation of editorial and publishing activities and control over ensuring the high quality of scientific, methodological and theoretical and methodological information represented at conferences and research;
  •  accumulation of the most significant fundamental, scientific applied, organizational and managerial experience, implementation and its transfer into the scientific community, public and entrepreneurial activities;
  • effective functioning in a single world scientific information and communication space;
  • providing authors with scientific, methodological and information-legal support

The tasks of fundamental research:

  • Studying the scientific aspects of self-regulation
  • Explanation of neurophysiological mechanisms of decision making
  • Studying the social interactions on self-regulation
  • Studying the psychological aspects of self-regulation

The tasks of applied research:

  • Study of the basic scientific aspects of the Master Kit technique
  • Scientific substantiation of the Master Kit technique
  • Study of the influence of the Master Kit technique on users and their well-being

Who can publish articles in the "Self-regulation" magazine?

Specialists in the field of self-regulation: doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, sociologists, biologists, neuroscientists, neurobiologists, specialists of bioinformatics.

For whom is the magazine intended?

  • Researchers and specialists in self-regulation
  • Scientists and just motivated people

Email: nii.superego@gmail.com